Daily Tarot Reading 1st January 2018

Welcome to Sandy’s Daily Readings. Each month I will change the deck of cards to a new deck. I will give you a daily reading each week. The first deck of cards I will be using is The Rider Waite Deck.


My method of choosing the cards is that first I shuffle while focusing on the day in question. Eg, shuffling and focusing on the 1st January 2018. Once done, I will then count the days of the month out. For today I have counted the first card for the 1st January, this is then laid down face up. Then I will count for the month number. For this month, I have counted the next card (as in the first card) for the 1st month of the year. This is then laid out face up. Then finally I will count the cards for the number of years this century. This year is 18. I will lay the 18th card face up in the three card spread.

So, without further delay, here are the cards for

Today’s Reading

  1. IX Swords. Severe anxiety today appears to upset the equilibrium of the energies for the first day of the new year. Well, it is a 9 year after all. Let’s hope this doesn’t set the tone for the rest of the year.
  2. Ace of Cups is now getting away from the downside and showing strength from within. Cups represent the family life and love. Strong emotions for the second card, lending support for the home life. Keep your family issues close to you.
  3. IV Wands always gives me a good feeling of strength and stability. A kind of balance is showing for the day. Work is neither too hard, nor too easy. Yet just right.

Overall, as the day begins with anxiety, emotions for the home life come through for the month. Work and stability will rule the year with more balance.

2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot Reading 1st January 2018”

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    1. G’day Clement,
      Wow! Many thanks for your free tarot reading. Unfortunately I didn’t get anything out of this reading. I left it for over six months, and the one thing I agree with you about is the last bit – ” Tarot card readings actually work. Asking the question and choosing a querent card are the first steps to doing a psychic tarot card reading”
      But you have not hit the mark with your reading. Never mind – try again next time, perhaps.

      Bright Blessings

      Spirit Connections

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