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Do You Believe in Reincarnation?

Firstly, let’s look at the definition of the word…
  1. ding to 

    1. the rebirth of a soul in another body.
      synonyms: rebirth, transmigration of the soul, metempsychosis; More

      • a person or animal in whom a particular soul is believed to have been reborn.
        plural noun: reincarnations
        “he believed he was the reincarnation of Louis XVI”
      • a new version of something from the past.
        “the latest reincarnation of the hippie look”

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Psychic Joke of the Month

The Medium sees a New World

So a lady comes in to see a Medium and asks what she sees for her in the future.

The Medium begins to tell her all type of things that will happen and what she sees in her mind’s eye. She describes the client’s home, family and even her workplace and colleagues.

The client is so impressed with the Medium’s accuracy she asks how the Medium is able to know so much about her. To which the Medium replies,” it is all communicated to me from Spirit.

“Wow” exclaims the lady “how do they do that?

“Bluetooth” states the Medium.

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Weekly Reading 13th – 20th January 2018

Welcome to another card reading for the month of January 2018. This week’s reading has an extra card which will take us up to and be including next Saturday. This was a small oversight on my part, though my Spirit Guides assured me this is the right way to go for this week.

As you will see the first four cards are Major Arcana cards. This is showing the powerful energy which will come through to us all across the board. I have noticed this trend reflected in readings with my clients, so I don’t feel it is unusual. So here we begin…

  1. XVIII-THE MOON representing self-reflection. On this day, like any other, we sometimes need to reflect on ourselves to understand where we are heading. In this case, for the week. This first card sets the tone for the week.
  2. VIII-STRENGTH representing the obvious. Strength is required on Sunday, after the self-reflecting to provide us with the energy we will need to further our journey into the unknown.
  3.  XI-JUSTICE sitting on the right side of The Moon. Where else would it be, after all, it goes hand in hand with Strength. Does it not? What ws your self-reflection about on Saturday? Did you venture too soft, or too tough on yourself? Are you a harsh critique, or a soft one. Today is Monday and the answers you need will be in connection with your day on Saturday.
  4. 0-THE FOOL represents you and your continuing journey for the week. It is still early days, being Tuesday. But what are you doing today to further it? You may be full of innocence, even naïvety. However be aware that another day follows this one, then another and another. You will need to be responsible for your actions. So take it one step at a time.
  5. PAGE  SWORDS is ever-present warning you of bad omens for the day. Wednesday is a day to check your diary and if you don’t need to be out and about early in the morning, leave a little later if you can. Otherwise, proceed with caution.
  6. IV- PENTACLES  represents an end to a hard day. Being the second last day of the working week. For some, it is payday, for others the day before payday. Just a regular day at the office. Nothing exciting happening.
  7. IX-PENTACLES represents a bigger surprise for Friday. A small windfall in extra abundance coming your way. This does not necessarily take on the guise of money, so don’t be lulled into false impressions. Rather enjoy the day for what it is. It could be a shortened work day or a special bonus. Remember not to look a gift horse in the mouth.
  8. III-THE EMPRESS represents the traditional end of the week or Sabbath. A good day to relax and enjoy after a good week of work and toil. Although it has been tough, it comes with it some unexpected abundance. I good time to kick your shoes off and put your feet up.
  9. III WANDS represents the month of January in respect for this reading. Wands being a traditional card for work and stability. In this reading, it is no exception. Showing there will be steady work that will not b difficult to complete or process. A slow month – a gift horse for certain.
  10. XIV-TEMPERANCE represents the year of 2018. A year for being even-tempered, firm but not hard not soft. Yet in between.  An ordinary year ahead? No. A remarkable one for its non-ordinariness.

Even with this extra card, brining next week’s reading into line with the first day of the traditional week being Sunday, it is an uneventful reading. Not without its surprises though. Have a great week and remember to look for the signs.

Bright Blessings
Sandy Cee

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Daily Reading 3rd January 2018

Two Cards Jumped out

While shuffling for today’s reading, two extra cards jumped out. This sometimes happens when Spirit has something important to instil into us all.

  1. VI WANDS is the journey on the way to work today (whatever work you  are doing). Take it easy, relax to enjoy the journey for what it is.
  2. HIGH PRIESTESS is in your energy circle, telling you a new role of power is opening up for you. It is time to take stock and responsibility of this power, Much to think about for the short-term future.
  3. THE FOOL foes blithely through life with a carefree attitude. Enjoy the sun, enjoy the day. This is an exception and not the rule. So make the most of the smoother energies of the day.
  4. STRENGTH tells us to take the opportunity to accept the power you have from within. Get back in touch with it for today and allow it to fill your soul. It looks as though you may need it.
  5. DEATH card tells us the end is near. Don’t misunderstand this card for its literal meaning. This may pertain to a vehicle/job/ project of some type. The movement has stopped and now is the time to finish what you have started. The power comes before the end.

Overview of Reading

For today we are heavy with the major arcana and the words telling us what we have, and not what to do. Take stock of the fact our needs are taken care of while we reflect and complete the projects of the day. Knowing that the end of the day may end abruptly. Forewarned is always forearmed, so be ready for the end of the day.

Bright Blessings

Sandy Cee

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Daily Tarot Reading 1st January 2018

Welcome to Sandy’s Daily Readings. Each month I will change the deck of cards to a new deck. I will give you a daily reading each week. The first deck of cards I will be using is The Rider Waite Deck.


My method of choosing the cards is that first I shuffle while focusing on the day in question. Eg, shuffling and focusing on the 1st January 2018. Once done, I will then count the days of the month out. For today I have counted the first card for the 1st January, this is then laid down face up. Then I will count for the month number. For this month, I have counted the next card (as in the first card) for the 1st month of the year. This is then laid out face up. Then finally I will count the cards for the number of years this century. This year is 18. I will lay the 18th card face up in the three card spread.

So, without further delay, here are the cards for

Today’s Reading

  1. IX Swords. Severe anxiety today appears to upset the equilibrium of the energies for the first day of the new year. Well, it is a 9 year after all. Let’s hope this doesn’t set the tone for the rest of the year.
  2. Ace of Cups is now getting away from the downside and showing strength from within. Cups represent the family life and love. Strong emotions for the second card, lending support for the home life. Keep your family issues close to you.
  3. IV Wands always gives me a good feeling of strength and stability. A kind of balance is showing for the day. Work is neither too hard, nor too easy. Yet just right.

Overall, as the day begins with anxiety, emotions for the home life come through for the month. Work and stability will rule the year with more balance.

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To Change my Life

Back on Australia Day, 1989 I was in a car (van) crash and while it was rolling around up in the air and coming crashing down to do it all over again two and a half times, all I could think of was “I’m on a rollercoaster ride” But I said “Here we go again folks” I think someone was trying to tell me something way back then, but I didn’t get it. I have been on a roller coaster ride through life, ever since.
I have learned much. About myself, definitely and definitively. About others, most definitely – not everyone is the same, nor are they all that they appear to be. About life? Wisdom came in great big dollops and I barely got time to take a breath in between.
Choices were made based on the lifestyle I had at the given time. For a while there it was all about business and work. Work never bothered me, although it was always wonderful to be able to relax. I met so many wonderful people while travelling around this glorious country following the many Gem Shows and Exhibitions. Calling in to various Lapidary & Gem clubs in both suburban and country areas. Life was a buzz getting to know other lifestyles, people, politics, and especially about how gifted people could be out in the middle of the Mulga.
I was enthralled by the ramblings of people everywhere, the great Australian Yarn became vivid in my imagination and I continued to write long hand, for back then, computers were few and far between. The notepad was a collated collection of blank or lined pages held together with a wire spiral at the top, or on the side. Taking notes was all done by long hand and one had to be very fastidious about the neatness one’s hand writing, lest one not be able to re-read it to type it up back home on the old manual, or new electronic daisywheel typewriter.
I suppose I learned quite a lot about different things in life, way back then. I was happy, sad, and in between. Life was sometimes rushed, as we lived out of a suitcase for six months of every year. Our poor little pet border collie/corgi would often greet us as though we’d been gone for years at a time. Sometimes she was able to come with us, which really completed our family.
Now, many years later, I have been on this roller coaster for way too long as some of the troughs have become deeper and higher. I have met different people along the way who have become a part of my life. For better or for worse, I am unsure of that as yet.
However, would I change anything of the past? Knowing what I know now, I am thinking of how I would love to have the opportunity. Though on the other hand, wondering how my life would be changed for the changing of it.
At the end of the day, would I be happy? Happier? That is the question. After all, why change it to make it worse?
So, after arguing with myself here and there, I find myself thinking that it is best to have lived the life I have lived, than to have never lived it before!e on


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A Special Meeting Place

A meeting Place for Like Minded Souls

A visitor to the Ettalong Markets had a reading with me on the weekend before Easter. She had not been to the markets before and was there with a small group of her friends for a Special Ladies Weekend.

Her reading went very well and she was exceptionally excited by the outcome and what it represented for the near future. We continued to talk, about this and that. This is not unusual, if you ask Greg, he will tell you that most of my readings seem to go for longer than the advertised half hour. However that is beside the point.

We just hit it off and realised we had a few things in common. One of them was about being in the company of like-minded souls. Well, when the conversation was over, she got up and walked around to look at all our crystals. Finally, she was on her way out when in walked her son in law and surprised her no end. I was peeking out the side of the door when I saw her daughter standing back, giving me the signal to “sshhh”. Well, when my friend had gotten over her surprise with seeing her son in law, in walked her daughter and she was all but reduced to tears. They hadn’t seen each other for a few months, and they decided to come to Ettalong to see her for a surprise. It was a well kept secret apparently with her, although all her friends and family knew about it.

It turned out to be a very Special Meeting Place in our Spirit Connections that day. A day that filled me with inspiration and joy in my heart and soul.

Bright Blessings