To Change my Life

Back on Australia Day, 1989 I was in a car (van) crash and while it was rolling around up in the air and coming crashing down to do it all over again two and a half times, all I could think of was “I’m on a rollercoaster ride” But I said “Here we go again folks” I think someone was trying to tell me something way back then, but I didn’t get it. I have been on a roller coaster ride through life, ever since.
I have learned much. About myself, definitely and definitively. About others, most definitely – not everyone is the same, nor are they all that they appear to be. About life? Wisdom came in great big dollops and I barely got time to take a breath in between.
Choices were made based on the lifestyle I had at the given time. For a while there it was all about business and work. Work never bothered me, although it was always wonderful to be able to relax. I met so many wonderful people while travelling around this glorious country following the many Gem Shows and Exhibitions. Calling in to various Lapidary & Gem clubs in both suburban and country areas. Life was a buzz getting to know other lifestyles, people, politics, and especially about how gifted people could be out in the middle of the Mulga.
I was enthralled by the ramblings of people everywhere, the great Australian Yarn became vivid in my imagination and I continued to write long hand, for back then, computers were few and far between. The notepad was a collated collection of blank or lined pages held together with a wire spiral at the top, or on the side. Taking notes was all done by long hand and one had to be very fastidious about the neatness one’s hand writing, lest one not be able to re-read it to type it up back home on the old manual, or new electronic daisywheel typewriter.
I suppose I learned quite a lot about different things in life, way back then. I was happy, sad, and in between. Life was sometimes rushed, as we lived out of a suitcase for six months of every year. Our poor little pet border collie/corgi would often greet us as though we’d been gone for years at a time. Sometimes she was able to come with us, which really completed our family.
Now, many years later, I have been on this roller coaster for way too long as some of the troughs have become deeper and higher. I have met different people along the way who have become a part of my life. For better or for worse, I am unsure of that as yet.
However, would I change anything of the past? Knowing what I know now, I am thinking of how I would love to have the opportunity. Though on the other hand, wondering how my life would be changed for the changing of it.
At the end of the day, would I be happy? Happier? That is the question. After all, why change it to make it worse?
So, after arguing with myself here and there, I find myself thinking that it is best to have lived the life I have lived, than to have never lived it before!e on


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