Weekly Reading 6th-12th January 2018

Today’s reading comes with a difference. We are, from henceforth, delivering to you a weekly reading instead of a daily reading. We feel this will give you more balance during the week to understand how the whole week will unfold. If you would still like to see a daily reading, please comment below. Otherwise, we will continue with a weekly one every Saturday.

Here’s How it Works

We have seven cards – one for each day of the week. Then another two cards – one for the month, and another for the year. So, all in all, there will be nine cards altogether laid out. Unless of course, there are any other cards that which jump out and want to have their say.

The cards.

    We begin with Saturday’s card and it shows a bright start for the beginning of the week. Six Pentacles is not to be sneezed at when one is hoping for a good outcome. Abundance is coming today with a little to spare to give out to others or be a little charitable at the end of the day.
    As we venture to the last day of the weekend, Sunday’s card brings a warning to be on guard for the rest of the week. As the trumpet blows its warning signal, remember that to be forewarned is forearmed. Do not take anything for granted, yet at the same time, do not be ultra-cautious.
    For Monday’s card, we have an inkling as to the warning’s meaning. It is suggestive of a connection to work as the first day of the working week. Tied up with angst does not help begin the week on a good note. So learn to relax more to let some of those pent-up emotions out.
  4. IX CUPS
    A good card to show up for Tuesday’s card. At least the home front looks good for the moment. Something to look forward to after coming home from a hard day at the office means the emotions of the day can be relaxed for a sounder night’s rest.
    Wednesday’s card shows us we can be in control of all issues at home. Not only that, we actually feel as though we are the ones in control and making sure the situation remains stable. What can possibly go wrong today?
    Showing up for Thursday’s card means a day spent in solitude. Well, there are worse ways to spend the day, so let’s just get on with life and make the most of it. Silence is Golden, so they say. It can make the day go quicker without the distractions.
    Friday’s card could end worse than half way down the track. Think of it as being half full rather than half empty. We have left our mark in the workforce this week and it doesn’t end on a sour note. Go home, relax and get some well-earned rest. Next week is another week.
    For the month of January. When you look at the previous seven cards, then relate them to January, this week’s reading is setting the tone for the rest of the month. Hard work can earn the abundance that is deserved. Don’t be afraid to take the individual stand to stand out from the crowd. It could pay dividends.
    Then in relation to the year, this week’s reading shows us that this year shows promise of being a stable one. The highs and lows being very short and shallow so they are more like troughs and curves.

Overall, a most uneventful week ahead.

Have a good one

Bright Blessings
Sandy Cee



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