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Wednesday-Overcoming Difficulties

Today’s card is: Overcoming Difficulties

Archangel Jeremiel: “The worst is behind you and you are surmounting any previous challenges”

Don’t you hate it when, with every step we take, there are challenges and obstacles preventing us from moving forward? Obstacles seem to happen adhoc, when and where, at the worst possible moments. These obstacles can range anything from a flat tyre when we need to go out in a hurry, to forgetting our wallet when we want to go shopping. And, of course, anything in between, before or after. Sometimes they come in threes, and sometimes lots of threes. I know, I have counted them.

So for this card to come up today, is a clear message telling us that our challenges are behind us and we are allowed to move on to new and exciting life events. Today, a new washing machine arrived at our house-hold. This is not exciting news, ordinarily. However, it is exciting when you consider that we paid for it, including an exorbitant amount for delivery (which was only from around 10km away) around 17th February and today is the 8th March. As Greg told them on more than one occasion – we could have walked there, dragging our flat-bed trolley along, picked it up and walked home in less than half that time. (So, we’re a bit out of condition..)

So now, I don’t have to worry and stress that I am running out of clean clothes, sheets, towels and the like. I don’t have to hand wash everything else and wait double the timing for my clothes drier to dry them all off. I can wash. This new little washing machine will be going like a workhorse yet.

Yes, Overcoming Difficulties is very appropriate for us today. What difficulties are you surmounting, I wonder? Why not comment below and share some relief along the way.

Bright Blessings

Sandy Cee

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