Today's Card

Friday 4th January

Cards used: Shaman Wisdom
Card Chosen: 34 – Squash: Feminine – West. Earth – Water

Traditional Meaning: I am Squash. I am Gourd. I grow well unattended. Let things be. Do not try to control situations or events. My vines spread out to encompass all. I help you create your abundance through my diversity. I am the Sustenance of your life. Combined with Beans and Corn, we are the life force.

Intuitive Meaning: As the squash grows along the vine, the leaves protect it from the harsh sun above. It continues to grow, and ripen as it runs wild along its lineage, kept in check by other squash along the vine. Allow it to run wild, it will run unchecked and send its roots in all directions. Yet, nurture it, and it will be trained and reward you with its ripened and fat fruit.

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