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Wednesday 2nd January

Cards Chosen: Shaman Wisdom

Card: 6 – Thunder Moon: Virgo – Shields – Adolescent.

I am Thunder, I am Plenty
I am Thunder, I am Plenty

Official Meaning: I am Plenty. I am the power of honoring, store-houses filled and overflowing.  I am abundance. My gentle light in the time of Indian Summer signifies plenty for you and the people. Now is a time of loving – of healing. Service to others in emphasized at this time – perhaps finding new ways to heal the planet, or in your own community. Of course, you won’t be of help to anyone unless you are healthy. so. take care of yourself too. Let the Moon of Indian Summer gently sit upon your shoulder. I am Plenty. I am the Harvest Moon in the Fall.
Intuitive Meaning: Rain is coming from the Heavens above, bringing with it water to saturate the earth below. Enough to sink in to grow and nurture the seeds which had been planted.This is a card of prosperity, growing the seeds that had been planted. Nurture them to the harvest time and you will reap the rewards for your efforts. Go forth and plant…I am plenty…the power of honoring.

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