Friday 4th January

Cards used: Shaman Wisdom Card Chosen: 34 – Squash: Feminine – West. Earth – Water Traditional Meaning: I am Squash. I am Gourd. I grow well unattended. Let things be. Do not try to control situations or events. My vines spread out to encompass all. I help you create your abundance through my diversity. I […]

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Spirit Connections Presents Jake P. Gudhad

Spirit Connections Presents Jake P. Gudgad

Get a Real reading based on what frequencies You provide . No pre-recognition . No broad statements. #NOGUESSWORK . It’s first in Australia. Over 2000 satisfied clients. We use an accurate frequency device and intuitive readings. Get a chance to have a One on One session for 25 minutes. It includes digital imaging and science -based copy of interpretation after the session. Readings are insightful and can be hard-hitting in your face. Safe environment and Strictly confidential. We don’t leave you feeling overwhelmed though, as we provide healing after the session. It’s empowering.

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