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Have your single question answered Freely here:

Welcome to your Free One Question Reading by Sandy Cee. I will divine for you on the question that you ask her. On any subject, for any person. All I ask is that you limit your single questions to One per month. You may come back as often as you choose for another question, please don’t ask the same question twice.

Please also understand that I give many readings, spiritual healing and facilitate many workshops during the year. If you do not receive an answer the next day, please be patient and wait at least another day before jumping up and down and asking your question again. I PROMISE to answer EVERY question as I come to them.

Before you go ahead and ask – please give some thought regarding your question. Is it really what you want to know – or is there something more pressing for which you would like an answer? Be as specific as you possibly can.

Have yourself a bright and wonderful day, week, month, year – Lifetime


Sandy Cee