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    Daily Reading 4th January 2018

    Today, one extra card jumped out. VI SWORDS asks is vengeance on your mind today? Have you not recovered yesterday’s angst? Be warned today’s leftover emotions as you travel the road to work today. THE FOOL is once again giving…

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    Daily Reading 3rd January 2018

    Two Cards Jumped out While shuffling for today’s reading, two extra cards jumped out. This sometimes happens when Spirit has something important to instil into us all. VI WANDS is the journey on the way to work today (whatever work…

  • Readings,  Today's Card

    Daily Reading 2nd January 2018

    Today’s reading comes with a standard three card draw. Knight Swords for today is the card for charging at your anger. For pursuing focused energy and determination to right the wrongs from others to you. King Pentacles tells you that…

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