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Have you ever had an aura photograph taken? Or perhaps a drawing of your Spirit Guide?

Spiritual Wax Art is very similar to these, yet somewhere in the middle. It represents a portrait of your feelings, your emotions at the time of the reading. You get to choose 5 colours of the Wax, Sandy puts it onto the iron and then paints the picture of your emotional body onto a 6 x 4 postcard. It will be unique to you, almost like a fingerprint. Because our emotions are always changing, so too will each of your Spiritual Wax Art Readings be very different from each other.

However the basic pattern in the postcard will allow her to interpret just how you are feeling at that particular moment, as well as see what lies ahead for you in the near future. She is  able to “see” using her very special gift of Clairvoyance (meaning – clear sightedness) and will therefore be able to read between the lines, or the colours and patterns to see any underlying messages.

As an intuitive empath,  she is also able to pickup, or hear using her very special gift of Clairaudience (meaning – clear hearing) to listen to The Spirit World for messages from Spirit and or The Angels that may be specifically for you at the given time.

Having a Spiritual Wax Art Reading does not take long, it is what lies on the postcard that tells the picture of Your Life.

You may choose to have this reading face to face, by phone or by Skype. If it is by phone/Skype she will also need  your snail mail address to which to send your finished postcard. There is no extra to pay for this service.

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