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Meet the Team

After many years of having conversations with her Guardians, Sandy’s life took a change in the direction. This happened one morning after a psychic discourse with her Great Grandmother that went thus:

Sitting at the breakfast table and staring into space, she suddenly received a vision of her Great Grandmother, standing at her gravesite. Next to her were seven Tarot cards lying face down. As each card turned face up Sandy was able to translate the meaning and it returned face down. After she translated the last card, she knew she could then read the Tarot cards. Even though she had not seen a deck of Tarot cards in this lifetime.

It sealed her fate when she and Greg opened a new shop at Glenfield soon after that and she began doing readings for people. It was not long before she got referrals from clients to their friends and family members. Now she reads for clients all over the world.

Sandy Cee has been reading Tarot and Oracle cards for over thirty years now. She is a natural Psychic Medium and channel who is very in tune with all her “Clairs” (voyance, audience, sentience, cognisance, alliance, gustance). When she is doing a reading, whether by palm, card, or face, she will pass on any messages she channels via her Spirit Guides and Angels.

Greg Cohen is our consulting Intuitive Empath. Believing deeply in the act of meditation, enabling you to clear your mind and get back to being YOU. He can facilitate healing words through the interaction of his Spirit Guides and Angels.

Gifted in his approach to everyone who comes to him for help, his ability to find the right words, no matter what his client’s issues, is sometimes astounding. We have heard him say that he sometimes doesn’t know what he will say until it comes from his mouth, as he is a channel and works closely with his Spirit Guides.

He has always been a superb listener and, having much wisdom to draw on, can help you with most problems. He has been teaching meditation for over thirty years and practicing it even longer.
Having been in the Jewellery, Gemstone and allied industry for well over sixty years, he is knowledgeable about his crystals, minerals, and fossils as well as gemstones. At one time we knew him as The Fossil man as he helped other collectors in their hobby

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