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Have your single question answered Freely here:

Welcome to your Free One Question Reading by Sandy Cee. I will divine for you on the question that you ask her. On any subject, for any person. All I ask is that you limit your single questions to One per month. You may come back as often as you choose for another question, please don’t ask the same question twice.

Please also understand that I give many readings, spiritual healing and facilitate many workshops during the year. If you do not receive an answer the next day, please be patient and wait at least another day before jumping up and down and asking your question again. I PROMISE to answer EVERY question as I come to them.

Before you go ahead and ask – please give some thought regarding your question. Is it really what you want to know – or is there something more pressing for which you would like an answer? Be as specific as you possibly can.

Have yourself a bright and wonderful day, week, month, year – Lifetime


Sandy Cee

125 thoughts on “Have your single question answered Freely here:

  1. Hi haven’t gotten pregnant for year now will I get pregnant any time soon

    1. Hello Norah
      I sense some pain on the left side. It is likely there was a pregnancy due, but did not come. I might suggest contacting your health practitioner for further exploration.
      Bright Blessings
      Sandy Cee

  2. Hi Sandy,
    Does the man I have fallen in love with feel the same way about me? Is it possible for a relationship in any form?

  3. Hi sandy! 2 years ago u answered a question for me regarding my career as getting into medical school and becoming a doctor, a pediatric surgeon to be exact! Well surely, I am currently in medical school. However, things have been a little tougher than I expected and initially i found myself so behind i thought i wasn’t going to make it through. I almost gave up! But i kept going and now the semester is a month shy from being complete I’m on the borderline of passing with the hopes that by finals I cross over that borderline to finish the semester with great grades. I wanted to know what to u see as far as my schooling goes from here on out? I expect it to get harder but hopefully i do better in the next semesters. Do u see anything i should be concerned with?

    1. Hello Jazmine,
      I keep seeing a doctor. I see you under the mentorship of a great doctor / surgeon. Yes, in pediatrics, though the journey is still not close to an end. Your studies and education, for that matter, will be up and down as you struggle with the theory, though excel with the practical and hands on. You are a natural healer and your heart and soul lends itself to healing. Your mentor will see this and take you under his wing to guide you in the right direction. Sometimes though he will take you away from your actual studies, to give you more of the practical.
      Good luck, I don’t see you failing.

      Bright Blessings

      Sandy Cee

  4. Trying for 6 years and doctors cannot find anything wrong – for another few months will get injections to boost fertility. Starting to give up. Will I get pregnant within the next 2 months?

    1. Hello karolina,

      My Guides are pointing to a blockage in your soul. It is a memory from long ago. Deep Sadness with connections to a backyard pool – in a friend’s backyard, not yours. I wonder if you have not forgiven yourself from something that happened in your past life-time. learn to love and forgive yourself. i see this year as the pregnant year, though you must be very calm and don’t play the blame game.

      Bright Blessings
      God Bless


  5. Hi Sandy

    Will I make the move and get a job? I feel like I need a fresh start.


    1. Hi Melissa,
      Yes, I see the move, though not the job. Looks like you will be moving with the same connections and attachments. Why not do some chakra clearing and meditating on what you really want in a job, before you make the move.
      Otherwise I see the same energies following you.

      Bright Blessings and good luck

      Sandy Cee

  6. Whenever you meditate on this chakra you must bear in mind that the biggest block is
    your attachments here on earth.

    1. This is so true. Thank you for sharing.
      We must all remember to clear our chakras from time to time.
      Bright Blessings

  7. Hi,
    Anything I can do to improve my outlook and bring in more positive energy into my life than previously experienced in recent years?

    1. Hello Matthew,

      I am sensing the worst is behind you and the rest of your life is ready to be lived to the fullest. My guides are telling me that you write, so be creative and create your characters to reflect yourself. See yourself as a character you would like to change, then take that advice.
      Make a list of positive gratitudes and reaffirm them from that list each and every day. You will be amazed at how your life will change for the better.

      Bright blessings

      Sandy Cee

  8. Can you tell me my short term health would be like

    1. Hello Robert,

      It seems you are in the centre of the vortex as far as your health is concerned. My Guides are telling me that you have a choice.
      1. You can remain positive with a positive view to your short term future and succeed in your new life-path
      2. You can continue to live in fear of your failing health and travel down the spiral into glumsville.

      By remaining positive and having faith for the future, you will be accepting the challenge of your new life-path and move in a forward and upward direction. It will be exciting and successful. I do fear though that you will be cutting it fine. Don’t be surprised if you become accident prone in the short term. BUT – take the first option and you won’t be disappointed.

      Good luck

      Bright Blessings
      Sandy Cee

  9. Terrific tarot article! This is the kind of info that
    are meant to be shared across the net. Thank you =)

  10. I appreciate you sharing this blog. Fantastic.

  11. I cannot thank you enough for the blog.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

  12. Sandy,

    I am hoping you can give me some guildance on a serious matter. I know you have said for only one question to be asked. I have two in which mean so damn much to my daily well being. I will therefore leave it in your good hands to decide on which one to answer.
    – will Howard survive his cancer?
    – will I ever have a relationship with Howard ?

    I have just lost my mother, and Howard helped both my mother and I so much in trying to save her life. I now adore Howard and the shock of his text to tell me that he now has cancer has knocked me for six. I want to help him,but he has stopped making contact. I am not sure if it is because he believes that he is going to die or for what reasons.

    I so look forward to hearing from you.
    Love and blessings
    T C

    1. Hello Tooky,

      Firstly, yes, Howard will survive his cancer. However it will take a lot out of him, so it will be a tough journey for you both.

      Secondyly, you will have a relationship with him. It is just that he has so much on his mind. Sometimes it may help him if you make a pest of yourself and call him, or go visit him. Reassure him that you aren’t going anywhere and that he is the most important person in your life. Men can be every bit as fickle as women when something goes wrong. For all his bravado, he is worried. Stand by your man and you will see a difference in the way he treats you.

      Good luck.
      Bright blessings
      Sandy Cee

      PS – Never give in to the cancer!

  13. Dear Sandy,
    I have a question regarding my cats and myself. They didn’t get along in the tiny studio where I live, therefore I moved them to a farm where they can be in- and outdoors. They are doing fine there but I miss them very much and don’t want to stay in the tiny flat anymore. It is my biggest wish to live in the countryside and work with animals. However, all my applications and the search for a fitting flat seem to fail. Will I ever have the chance to realize my dream?
    Thank you for replying!!

    1. Hello Veronika,

      Well, what your dream wish is now, will change in a few years. You will forget what you really wanted and will change the path of your destiny. Life will step in to distract you away from your cats so that you know here is more to life. Of course you will always have a connection to them and they will come to you in your dreams, for the great Divine Spirit is not without compassion.

      Life for you however is about to take a turn for the bizarre. confusing as it is, you will get your wish to be in the country, just not the way or direction you hoped for.

      Bright blessings

      Sandy Cee

  14. Is my ex, my children’s father, my soul connection?

    1. Yes, in a nutshell.
      This does not mean, however, that you are suited to be together in this lifetime. You have had an irretrievable break up – I see a huge disruption from an argument that you will have to agree to disagree. That being said, you can still be civil toward each other. It would be good if you can both agree to disagree formerly and shake hands on it. That way, when you take it to the next life, you will begin on better terms.

      Bright Blessings
      Sandy Cee

  15. Hi Sandy,
    We live locally on the Central Coast & about 6 months ago I met a man, who is beautiful & to whom I am now pregnant with.
    I have an 8yr old son & we are currently wanting to move house but having no luck in finding something suitable & if so our application is overlooked.
    Recently we have been hit with a few intense struggles from outside forces & this put pressure, financially, emotionally & mentally on us all when all we are trying to do is embrace the process of our baby.
    I am of a spiritual nature & just recently since all this upheaval have felt completely disconnected from everything & more importantly myself and what it is I should be doing, where do we move to & will we be secure on a level of finance, emotionally & mentally. Why were we thrown such intense situations to deal with??
    I guess I’m stating that I’m feeling completely lost & isolated within so I would just like to please ask you for some guidance or clarity on my position. Very Confused 🙁
    Thank you Sandy.

    1. Hi Samantha,
      Wow! You have been through the mill. I feel and see an electrical strike (lightning) hitting the ground near you.
      Strangely enough, I see you at the south coast – Wollongong area, rather than the Central Coast. However, that is by the by.
      Your baby will be born, amidst the “electricity” of life and will help to bind you into the family you wish to be. You will find your safe haven either just before his birth, or just afterward. Have faith in each other and yourselves to know that this is meant to be. Even though the times are tough, you are truly meant to be together.

      Thank you for the Rainbows – the same returning to you with lots of Bright Blessings

      Sandy Cee

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