Tarot Reading with Rider Waite

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Have you ever wanted to read the Tarot Cards, but thought it would be too difficult? Perhaps you have been told that  you must have the gift for it? Didn’t have the time to spend a whole ten weeks and then forget half way through the course what the first cards meant?

Well, fret no more! This course will provide you with the answer you are seeking. Taken directly from the Tarot Reading Workshop with Sandy Cee, it takes you from beginning to end with the presumption that you have never used a deck of Tarot cards before.

It shows in you three different levels how the deck works, what each card means in relation to the whole deck and how to interpret the card(s) once laid on the table.

  1. The first level is the Minor Arcana cards from Ace (One) to Ten in each of the four suits
    • Cups
    • Wands
    • Pentacles
    • Swords
  2. The second level is the Court Cards from the Minor Arcana from Page, Knight, Queen & King in the above mentioned suits.
  3. The third level is the Major Arcana Cards numbered from 0 to 21.

While looking at each of these cards in turn will help you intuitively, and following the LWB (Little White Book) helps a little bit, it is grasping the standing and meaning of each group that allows you to understand with more depth how one card defines the answer to your question.

We begin at the beginning of course so you can fully understand about the Tarot Deck itself. but the answer to complete understanding is in the laying out of the cards to see the relationship of each card to its neighbour. This is the secret that Sandy Cee will expose to you.

Once this secret has become known to you, this course goes even further in providing you with a few sample readings using some of her favourite spreads. Some of which she has found in various books, and a few she has made up for herself during all her years of Tarot reading.

Come and enjoy the journey with her. Included in this course of 10 modules, she also has a few videos to help show you further how the Tarot Deck works.

The course is precise as it is informative. She has had no failures. You will be amazed at how practical and enjoyable this course can be and for the one price of $99, you will have a full twelve months (365) days to complete the course with the option to take up an annual subscription to revisit the course, download any articles she posts in her sister website, and join in the discussion in the Facebook Group of Spirit Connections Learning Cafe


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