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Where you can have all your questions answered by our two resident readers. Thanks for visiting!

You are on your way to delving into The Great Divine for Guidance and or messages from your Spirit Guides and Angels. Sandy Cee is our gifted and resident reader. She will answer your questions, give you guidance and or messages from The Great Divine Source. As a gifted Medium, she is able to make contact with your Loved Ones from beyond. She specialises in Past Life Regression and will facilitate the guidance through your past lives to provide closure or inspiration.

Feeling depressed? Everything or everyone getting you down? Need some help? Feel as though there ought to be more to life? Don’t seem to be able to relax? Friends and or family getting you down?  Greg Cohen is our resident and gifted Intuitive Empath.Together with his Spirit Guides, allow him to help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.


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