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Do You Believe in Reincarnation?

Firstly, let’s look at the definition of the word…
  1. ding to 

    1. the rebirth of a soul in another body.
      synonyms: rebirth, transmigration of the soul, metempsychosis; More

      • a person or animal in whom a particular soul is believed to have been reborn.
        plural noun: reincarnations
        “he believed he was the reincarnation of Louis XVI”
      • a new version of something from the past.
        “the latest reincarnation of the hippie look”

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  • Ashley Rebecchi

    I have 6 life memories including this one. The more i look the more i see. I’m trying to understand my current one from the past. Looking for answers.

    • Sandy

      Hello Ashley, if you look, you will see. That is the way it happens. Sometimes the “memories” come to us in dreams, other times visions, even what I call “knowings”. It could be that one memory will show up on its own. For instance, if you like a particular colour, or do not like a particular food. The memory of a hair style, or style of clothes, or the fact you feel drawn to places that are not necessarily close to you.
      Keep a journal to record (paper or electronic) each memory as it comes. Each time that you have remembered is a place for you to focus on. Each memory is recorded somehow in our soul / spirit. Sometimes we love music for instance and we are drawn to words, or tunes.
      I do Past Life Regression, even by Zoom if you like. Contact me to discuss this further if it is something you’d like to follow up. Use my Contact page

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