The Fairy Garden Under the Jacaranda Tree

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Do you have fairies living in the bottom of your garden? I do. Although it is a bit over run right now with Cactus and a huge Jacaranda tree that was planted from seed, there is still enough greenery to keep them reasonably happy.

I will never forget the first time I had the experience of seeing Fairies at the bottom of our Garden. It was many years ago now when we had a beautiful fernery down the back of our garage. We actually had two of them One was covered with the purple grapes of Wisteria, Yellow puffy flowers of a (semi) Climbing Rose, and the beautiful majestic Jasmine. They all bloomed at the same time of the year and it was a visual and scented feast for our senses.

The other fernery was next to that one and housed our orchids, and smaller bush flowers, along with some climbing flowering vines. The names of which I am not sure after so many years. Although I can certainly paint the visual image.

On one side were about a dozen large grey concrete pots housing our beautiful yellow standard orchids. Lined up against the old wooden paling fence in a row two aside each other. On the other side of the pathway was a large hanging home made wooden frame with a string lattice in the middle allowing the other flowering vines to climb up the sides and along the string to form a beautiful lattice that, when flowering in bloom, formed its own visual feast.

The pathway was home made again, with a very narrow strip of cement going from the entrance down to the back fence. On the pathway, was small ash, small pebbles, and a variety of plastic beads which I had broken from my home made necklaces. Really, it was just to add a special touch of colour.

There were also some other small and medium flowering shrubs of various colours in and outside of the fernery toward the back fence. On the day i was watering the flowers as I always did every afternoon when I came home, I started to hear tiny voices. These voices where saying “Yes she did!” and “No she did not!” I could hear them very indignantly emphasizing every yes and did and no and did not. It seemed to come straight out of What Katy Did and i was curious even more.

I kept the hose water flowing on the orchids and then moved down toward the wooden fence to be closer to these voices. Then I heard much laughter which sounded like a small crowd far away. The further I moved toward to fence, the louder the voices became. Then the miracle happened!

I looked down to the very corner of the fernery, on the ground, and saw an incredible sight. To this day, I make the claim I saw this feast with my very own eyes. Miniature vertical Ferris wheels, small merry-go-rounds, and crowds of tiny little people with wings on all milling around with the tiniest of ice-creams in their hands. I do remember that not all of them had wings on their backs, but they were all clothed in happy colourful clothing.

Many years later, when I finally came through my “re-awakening” I was told by a few of my Spirit Guardians that they were actually some of my Fairy friends. What i described to them and remembered to them was for real and they told me that fairies just love colour and perfume.

Under the Jacaranda Tree

So, under this giant of a Jacaranda tree, we have the lovely Wisteria vine climbing it. They both bloom very close to each other and the bees and the fairies just love it all.

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