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Sandy is our resident Psychic reader, working with her spirit Guides to Divine the Great Universe on your behalf. Messages and Guidance will come through her Mediumship.

Greg works with his Spirit Guides to give you the answers, and helpful guidance on your life problems.

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A Workshop in Tarot Reading with Sandy Cee

Tarot Workshop with Sandy Cee

Have you ever wanted to learn to read the Tarot cards? Find the cards a complete and utter mystery? Think that you have to have “the gift’ to be able to read the Tarot cards? Well, it is easier than you think. I have been teaching Tarot reading for many years and always find it […]

18 Oct 15 Sandy
Fairies in the garden

The Fairy Garden Under the Jacaranda Tree

Do you have fairies living in the bottom of your garden? I do. Although it is a bit over run right now with Cactus and a huge Jacaranda tree that was planted from seed, there is still enough greenery to keep them reasonably happy. I will never forget the first time I had the experience […]

15 Jul 15 Sandy

See our New Spirit Van

    Hey everyone, See our Van and take a Selfie in front of it, post it to this page, and go into the draw to win a Fabulous Prize. Different prizes awarded each month. Posted by Spirit Connections on Wednesday, 8 April 2015

15 Jul 15 Sandy
Just follow the purple road ahead to find your dreams.

The Five Clairs

So, what is this about Clair-? Well, Clair is an interesting subject for there is much ado about “her”. She has many senses and they are all inter-related to the Spiritual Self that is within each and every one of us. We can leave “her” within us, never to see the light of day, or […]

15 Jul 15 Sandy
The path can lead where ever you desire. You must make the effort to live.

To Change my Life

Back on Australia Day, 1989 I was in a car (van) crash and while it was rolling around up in the air and coming crashing down to do it all over again two and a half times, all I could think of was “I’m on a rollercoaster ride” But I said “Here we go again […]

13 Jul 15 Sandy

Mindfulness in Meditation

Take some quiet time for yourself. In the quietness you will begin to recognize yourself again. We so easily lose ourselves in the daily shuffle of life. Mindfulness and awareness will allow you to participate in your life rather than only reacting to life. Through practicing mindfulness you can begin to enjoy the simple things […]

08 Apr 15 Sandy
A meeting Place for Like Minded Souls

A Special Meeting Place

A visitor to the Ettalong Markets had a reading with me on the weekend before Easter. She had not been to the markets before and was there with a small group of her friends for a Special Ladies Weekend. Her reading went very well and she was exceptionally excited by the outcome and what it […]

07 Apr 15 Sandy
Chakra Healing

Chakra Workshop

THE CHAKRAS The word ‘chakra’ is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’. If we were able to see chakras (as many seers and psychics, in fact, do) we would observe a wheel of energy continuously revolving or rotating. And each chakra rotates at a different speed. One of the reasons that many people fall […]

27 Feb 13 Sandy
sage Salvia-officinalis

House Cleansing – how important is it really?

Today I travelled to a client’s home to do some house cleansing. I realised on the way that few people understand the importance of this task. Just as a house can become dusty from wind blowing into the house through open windows, vents etc…so it can be dusty from spirits or entities floating in from […]

26 Feb 13 Sandy

Host a Tarot Reading Party

              If you live within an hour’s drive of Liverpool, Sydney NSW and have a small group of your friends who would like to have a Tarot Reading, then please contact us for more details. (Alternatively you may be an hour’s drive from Ettalong Beach on weekends only) I […]

13 Feb 13 Sandy

Give a Valentine’s Day Synastry Astrological Chart to your Loved one.

Synastry Between Two People (Love) Welcome to the partner comparison. This makes it possible to see the energies which have influence on your relationship more closely and to find out if you have common goals, interests and temperaments. What is synastry? In the form of partner comparison presented here, the so-called synastry, two charts will […]

08 Feb 13 Sandy

Runes 15th January 2013

The Runes have always mystified me. I have owned a few sets of runes in my life-time, though never really actually sat down to familiarise myself with them properly. They are filled with grounding mysticism and so I thought it would be a great way to introduce myself with them here. I invite you on this […]

15 Jan 13 Sandy

Zen Cards 14th January Reading

Today I have chosen a three card reading. Something that has happened recently is that after the shift from the 20/12/12, it appears that there is indeed a feeling of “out with the olde and in with the newe”. So today I have chosen this deck for that reason. As I was shuffling the cards, […]

14 Jan 13 Sandy

Cooling down Meditation

Are you feeling a tad hot this summer in the southern hemisphere? In Oz, we are experiencing frightening bush fires throughout most of our states, all thanks to the wonderful floods we had in the previous 2 years that brought about abundant undergrowth.So now it is time to chill out, cool down, and get on […]

10 Jan 13 Sandy

Saturday 5th January

Deck Chosen: Osho Zen Card Chosen: 5 – The Outsider – Rainbows: The Physical Traditional Meaning: The small child in this card is standing on one side of a gate looking through it. He is so small, and so convinced that he cannot get through, he cannot see that the chain holding the gate is […]

05 Jan 13 Sandy

Code of Practice

Code of Practise 1. Psychic Guidance Consultations are objective ethical guidance using only proven metaphysical disciplines and techniques in which the consultant is accomplished and has a track record. No consultant is qualified to offer, medical, psychological, legal or financial advise.. No consultation is to be used as an alternative to consulting a licensed professional in […]

04 Jan 13 Sandy

Friday 4th January

Cards used: Shaman Wisdom Card Chosen: 34 – Squash: Feminine – West. Earth – Water Traditional Meaning: I am Squash. I am Gourd. I grow well unattended. Let things be. Do not try to control situations or events. My vines spread out to encompass all. I help you create your abundance through my diversity. I […]

04 Jan 13 Sandy

Thursday 3rd January

Cards Chosen: Osho Zen Card: The Master Official Meaning: The Master in Zen is not a master of others, yet a master of himself. His every gesture and his every word reflect his enlightened state. He has no private goals, no desire that anything should be other than the way it is. His disciples gather around […]

03 Jan 13 Sandy

Wednesday 2nd January

Cards Chosen: Shaman Wisdom Card: 6 – Thunder Moon: Virgo – Shields – Adolescent. Official Meaning: I am Plenty. I am the power of honoring, store-houses filled and overflowing.  I am abundance. My gentle light in the time of Indian Summer signifies plenty for you and the people. Now is a time of loving – […]

02 Jan 13 Sandy
Come and visit us at Ettalong Markets

Welcome to The Home of Spirit Connections

Among these pages you will find something to comment on, discuss, or simply read and appreciate. We have many topics you may choose to look for in our drop down list of categories on the Right Hand Side. Don’t forget to check out our FREE ONE QUESTION READINGS by Sandy Cee and her Spirit Guide […]

31 Dec 12 Sandy

Spiritual Treatments

We love to be pampered, to feel relaxed, and taken care of. Who doesn’t? Here, at Spiritual Beauty it is considered a necessity. One of those acts which is deserved of tender loving care, commonly known as tlc. So when you come to see us, we sit you down in a nice comfortable chair, put […]

28 Dec 12 Sandy

Interview with Candy O’Donnell

This is an interview I did with Candy O’Donnell – a very Spiritual Writer. I hope you listen to this and enjoy. Listen to internet radio with Candy ODonnell on Blog Talk Radio

20 Aug 12 Sandy

Meditation – The Art of a Quiet Mind

Meditation is not difficult. It is not hard work. You do not need to sit cross legged on the floor, or under the full moon and chant anything. Meditation is about quieting your mind, relaxing it and learning to bring a smile to your face. Taking you from a negative place where you may be […]

07 Aug 12 Sandy

Spiritual Healing

Here at Spiritual Beauty we work with Spirit for your Spiritual Healing Therapy. There are many ways of the Healing Therapies and Reiki is but one of these therapies we use often.Whether you have chronic pain such as arthritis or rheumatism or sore and tired limbs, we can help to create a more relaxing energy […]

07 Aug 12 Sandy

Come and Hear Them Sing

Crystal singing bowls are made from 99.992% pure crushed quartz and heated to about 4000 degrees in a centrifugal mold. They are available in clear or frosted bowls in a variety of sizes. The bowls emit a powerful and pure resonance. The larger bowls are much more reverberant, with the tone lingering longer, simply because […]

02 Aug 12 Sandy

Star Gem Kits

Star Kits are one of our most popular Gem Kits of all. Representing the twelve zodiacal star signs, you receive three alternate star gems in each kit, plus an overview of your star sign, and a drawstring bag in which to keep your personal star gems. Our choice of gems for each sign is only […]

02 Aug 12 Sandy

Crystals anyone??

At our shop at Ettalong Beach, we have a range of crystals for healing, wearing, chakras positioning, laying on of stones, or simply “just to have”. There are a range of small tumbled stones for many healing purposes: Agate, Amazonite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Bloodstone, Chrysoprase, Carnelian Agate, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Hematite,  Jasper, Pyrite, Rose Quartz, […]

02 Aug 12 Sandy
Carnelian Dangle Earrings

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Hand Beaten Tibetan Singing Bowls have a beautiful ring to them when the rubbing stick is rubbed around the lip-edge of the bowl. However did you know that they have an improved “healing” effect when they are gently struck in a “North-South-East-West” direction at the lip edge directly? It is the vibration of these bowls […]

01 Aug 12 Sandy

Have your single question answered Freely here:

Welcome to your Free One Question Reading by Sandy Cee. I will divine for you on the question that you ask her. On any subject, for any person. All I ask is that you limit your single questions to One per month. You may come back as often as you choose for another question, please […]

01 Aug 12 Sandy

About our Workshops

Are you interested in furthering your spiritual knowledge and experience? Then you have come to the right place. Here at Spirit Connections, we hold many workshops – either one to one, or in groups. Following are some of the workshops we hold at different times.. Meditation Tarot Reading Pyshic Development Reiki Healing – all levels […]

31 Jul 12 Sandy